It’s the third most important Church of Torno. Smaller than the other two it is located in Montepiatto (see walks). From there you have a breathtaking view. Back in 1500 there was a convent of cloistered nuns near the small Church. They used to listen to the mass hidden in the choir behind the altar. Under the choir floor there were the sepulchral cells of dead nuns.

All of a sudden there were no nuns anymore and this mystery stirred popular imagination: it was murmured that people walking at night near the church yard could run into small flames vanishing in the dark once caught by the human eye. It was believed they were “the souls of the poor nuns”. As the story goes the convent also hid a secret passage, which led to the top of the village. On the first Sunday of July small tasteless and unleavened bread rolls are still blessed and given to the faithful. Tradition says that they defeat sore throat.


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